We are a multifaceted team capable of delivering services and guidance to organisations endeavouring to participate in the blue economy worldwide. Our strengths lie in our combined expertise and extensive experience in marine & coastal ecology, aquaculture, habitat restoration, and natural capital accounting & management across research, regulatory, and business sectors.

We maintain strong professional networks with research bodies, government agencies, regulators, and other technical specialists, and can ensure your project receives the expertise and technical resources required to succeed.

Dr Matthew Cameron

Matt heads up our Tasmanian office, and has almost two decade’s experience in marine research and consultancy, with specific expertise in community ecology, marine spatial planning, and environmental project management. He has worked as an consultant in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, and has led projects focusing on marine ecosystem dynamics, natural capital accounting, and the design of artificial reefs. Matt is equipped to quantify natural assets and ecosystem services, and is accredited in natural capital accounting and environmental economic accounting. He is also a qualified commercial scientific diver (ADAS Part 1R) and coxswain (AMSA Grade 1) and has extensive experience as an offshore skipper.

Dr Victor Shelamoff

Victor has deep expertise across the marine sector, and for over a decade has worked in areas including coastal ecology & monitoring, biosecurity, habitat restoration, and ecosystem productivity & carbon flow. In applying this knowledge, he has recently led work focusing on aquaculture impact assessments, environmental stressors, and carbon sequestration. Victor has extensive capabilities in experimental design, spatial assessments, and data collection & analysis and, is also a qualified commercial scientific diver (ADAS Part 1R) with experience undertaking fieldwork across a variety of marine & coastal environments.

Dr Cayne Layton

Cayne leads our New South Wales office, and has over 15 years’ experience in marine research and consulting, with specific expertise in kelp & reef ecology, habitat dynamics & restoration, and seaweed aquaculture & monitoring. He also directs his technical knowledge to applications including restoration policy & decision-making, ecosystem co-benefit assessments, and community engagement & education. Cayne is a qualified commercial scientific (ADAS Part 1R) & closed circuit rebreather diver, and coxswain (AMSA Grade 1) and, has extensive experience in planning and implementing fieldwork, underwater operations, and kelp nursery programs, often in remote and challenging environments.

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